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Dear mums and expectant parents,

Pregnancy and the postpartum period, the first days with your baby, are an intimate and exciting event. It is important to me that you feel comfortable and cared for in this special time.


As a midwife, I am not only giving you guidance with technical questions about the new phase of life - you should be able to concentrate fully on the wonderful experiences in this exciting phase.

I am at your side with advice and action in both prenatal and postpartum/postnatal care.


Growing up around the world as a child of german expats I'm not only fluent in both english and spanish, my international background will help making you feel comfortable and cared for.


I look forward to supporting you as a midwife in Germering and the western area around Munich (Alling, Aubing, Eichenau, Freiham, Gauting, Gilching, Graefelfing, Pasing, Planegg, Puchheim, Obermenzing) and other places on request!

Your midwife Sonja Sapana


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“Birth is not only about making babies, birth is about making mothers.”

Barbara Katz Rothman
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